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How to Add or Setup Yahoo Email on Android with IMAP Server Settings?

Being one of the largest email service providers in the world, Yahoo Mail is popularly known for its features. The company has around 227 million users, and these all because of features. You can access all the email services offered by Yahoo on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

yahoo mail imap settings

You can easily access your Yahoo mail login account from any device at any time, as it is fast and reliable. But sometimes you might encounter issues like improper yahoo IMAP settings; difficulty in setting up your Yahoo account on Android, iOS, or any other device. Whenever you face any problem with your Yahoo account, make sure the problem is not because of IMAP server settings. Here, in this article, we have mentioned proper Yahoo mail IMAP, SMTP, and POP server settings to configure your mails easily.

How do I Configure Yahoo Mail IMAP/POP3 Settings?

You can follow the below-given steps to configure IMAP, SMTP, and POP protocols on your Yahoo account:


  • Server:
  • SSL: true-implicit
  • Port: 993 (default)
  • User:


  • Server:
  • SSL: true-implicit
  • Port: 995 (default)
  • User:


Given below are the Yahoo SMTP server settings that work with most desktop mail clients. You can also apply the same settings for a mobile device mail app or web-based email program:

  • Server:
  • SSL: false / true-implicit
  • Port: 587 (default) / 465 (default)
  • User:

How to Set Up Your Yahoo SMTP Settings?

Proper SMTP settings on your Yahoo account can help you to fix many issues, like Yahoo mail not working, inability to access your emails, etc. Yahoo Mail is an email provider, which means that it takes care of the actual service when you send and receive emails on your account.

On the other hand, the Yahoo email app or program allows you to access your inbox and emails easily. Popular, email programs like Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook help you to store all your emails.

Usually, you need to enter the SMTP settings in the account settings of your mail app. After successfully adding your Yahoo account to the app, you need to enter the Yahoo SMTP server parameters to configure your outgoing server.

Then, the exact process to access account settings totally depends upon your email client. For example, while accessing your Yahoo account in Microsoft Outlook: Navigate to Settings > Mail > POP and IMAP. Then, More Settings > Outgoing Server to provide your Yahoo SMTP settings.

How to Set Up POP3 and IMAP Settings for a Yahoo Mail Account?

Among all the versions of Post Office Protocol, POP3 is used to receive incoming mail. A POP server allows you to download mail received on your account and stores it locally on your device. It means, there is no need to be online and access the email server whenever you have to check your email. You can easily configure POP3 on your system and Yahoo mail app to make access through multiple devices easier.

Just like POP3, there is one more protocol, known as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). It also helps to receive emails in your Yahoo inbox. But the main difference between POP and IMAP protocols is that an IMAP account stores all your emails on the email server rather than downloading them to your device. While this provides you easy access to your emails at any time, you need to have a reliable internet connection to use an IMAP account effectively.

How to Unlock Your Locked Yahoo Account?

There are some situations when you experience problems while logging into your Yahoo account or access any of your emails. It is very important to fix such issues at the earliest. You can use the “Sign-in Helper” option to fix your problem. If the same problem persists again and again or if your account has been hacked, you can reset your Yahoo mail password or log in using another Yahoo server. This also forms new cookies after which the new Yahoo server might not recognize the expired cookies.

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