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How to fix Outlook Email Login Issues? [Quick Guide]

Outlook email is one of the most popular and widely used email service providers. Sometimes, you may experience some Outlook mail login issues while logging in your account. It is very important to find the exact cause and proper methods to get out of this situation. Usually, this situation arises when you forget the password of your Outlook Mail, or trying to access the account from old password. Improper Outlook settings can also affect the proper working of your mail account. Whatever the issue you are facing, it is very important to fix Outlook mail problems as soon as possible in order to access your account.

What causes Outlook Mail Login Issues?

Usually, you receive an error message indicating ‘Outlook won’t open’ while accessing This message indicates that there are some issues due to which you might be unable to access your Outlook account. It is very important to find the exact reasons behind your problem. Mainly you face Outlook 365 email sign up or login issues because of following reasons:

  • Incorrect Username and Password
  • Virus And Spam
  • Browser Problem
  • Issues With Internet Connection
  • Check Incoming Server Settings
  • Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail

Requirements to Login Outlook Email Account

There are some pre-requisites that you must have in order to have a successful Outlook account login. Mainly you need:

  • Good internet connectivity.
  • Correct Login credentials (username and password).
  • System compatibility.
  • Browser free from bugs and viruses.

What Do When Outlook won’t Open?

The error message indicating, “Outlook won’t open error” is one of the most common login issues that you may face while accessing your Outlook account. The error message usually appears while opening the Outlook account. Therefore, you need to reset the Navigation settings to resolve the error. All you have to do is:

  • Press Windows key + R key to open run command box.
  • Then, type Outlook.exe/resentnavpane in the run prompt.
  • At last, click OK or press Enter button.

There can be many more reasons behind this error. These login issues can be due to such as Improper network connection, Virus attack, outdated Outlook application, etc. It is important to check whether your system supports the newly updated version of Outlook app.

  • In such cases, you need to perform below mentioned steps to fix your problem:
  • Install and run the anti-virus software in your system. This will help you to locate the virus. If there is any error found, the app automatically tries to correct it.
  • Make sure your system has a stable internet connection. Try to reconnect your device with wifi.
  • Check the version of Outlook installed in your system. It is important to have an updated version of the application, this will help you to fix many issues. And if you don’t know the version of installed application, check if any new update is available or not.

How to Fix the Outgoing Mail Server Issue?

There can be some server-related issues with its official website, i.e.,, that makes you unable to log in to your Outgoing mail account. Well, to solve the issue in such cases you need to perform a few steps. All you have to do is apply the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  • Open your Outlook mail and navigate to the Mail menu. Now choose Preference.
  • Then, click on the ‘Accounts’ option from the preference window.
  • Select the mail account with which you are facing the problem.
  • Navigate to the ‘Account Information’ tab and click the “Outgoing Mail Server” (SMPT) option.
  • Choose “Edit SMPT Server List” and make relevant changes.

The above steps will definitely help you to get the outgoing mails in your Outlook.


All the above-mentioned steps will help you to fix the Outlook mail login issues. Therefore, you need to apply these solutions to solve the error, in your Outlook account. However, if you are still facing issues with your Outlook email account, you need to take help of experts. Outlook support experts will help you to fix your problem within a few minutes.

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