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How to Fix Yahoo mail not working on Android/iPhone?

We all know that Yahoo Mail is a popular free web-based email application that helps users to perform their day-to-day email activities. Along with this, you can also use this email service for accessing other web-based applications and services. Furthermore, there are several additional features that make Yahoo app easy to use for users. It simplifies the emailing process and allows users to send and receive emails very easily.

Yahoo mail not working

However, sometimes, you may experience Yahoo mail not working on Android/iPhone devices. It can be sure to improper yahoo mail settings or maybe some network issues. If you are facing such issues, find the exact cause of this problem and proper troubleshooting methods to access Yahoo Mail on your device.

What Causes Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android/iPhone?

There can be several reasons that may cause issues with the Yahoo Mail app while accessing it on an Android or iPhone device. Fortunately, we have mentioned some of the important and main causes in the below-given points:

  • An outdated or incompatible browser installed in your system may create problems.
  • Caches can also cause Yahoo mail not working problem on your Android or iPhone device.
  • When you try to sign in to a Yahoo account from an unknown or unrecognized device.
  • When you forgot the password of your Yahoo account.
  • When your Yahoo account is blocked.

How do I Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Working?

Many people prefer to use Yahoo Mail App rather than using their Yahoo account on the website. It allows users to access Yahoo accounts anytime, anywhere. Given below are some common methods that you can try before unblocking email on Yahoo and fixing other issues:

Try to Fix network issues:

There can be some sort of network issues that can cause Yahoo mail not working problem in the installed application. Hence, if you are facing the issue because of this reason, it is advised to check the network settings properly. Further, you should also check whether the app permission is enabled properly on your Android/iPhone 12 or any other iPhone mobile.

Yahoo Sign-in issues:

There can be some significant problems that can prevent you from accessing your Yahoo account and may cause Yahoo mail not to respond on android or iPhone issues. You need to apply some common troubleshooting techniques to fix Yahoo mail login issues. You may encounter this problem because of the old phone number added to the account.

To resolve this, you need to open your account and under the security settings add the new phone number. After entering the number, click on send code button. Enter the received code in the required place and you will be provided access to your Yahoo account after verification.

Outdated version of the app:

There are chances that some kind of Yahoo Mail temporarily unavailable issues may be encountered because of the outdated version of the app. Hence, in such a case, you should simply launch the Google Play Store and under the installed apps section click on the Yahoo app option. Further, tap on the update button to upgrade the Yahoo app.

Clear your Yahoo App data and Cache:

You should clear the Yahoo App Cache in your iPhone 11/Android or any other iPhone device. You can follow the steps given below to clear cache and your Yahoo app data:

  • Open the Settings app in your mobile phone.
  • Click on Apps and then navigate to the App manager.
  • Now click on Yahoo mail and choose Storage.
  • Then, tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache button.

Thus, the above-mentioned solutions will help you to fix Yahoo mail not responding on Android or iOS devices. Further, you can also refer to various Yahoo support manuals for assistance and to resolve the issue quickly and in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the action button in Yahoo Mail?

For this, click on the Contacts icon located on the top-left corner of your Yahoo account. Then, click on the Contacts button, Actions drop-down menu will appear on your screen.

How do I get Yahoo Mail on Google Chrome?

To access your Yahoo account with Google Chrome, you need to open a Yahoo account in this browser. For this, type in in the search box of the browser and then click on login credentials to sign in to your account. Enter login credentials and enjoy Yahoo in Google Chrome.

How do I refresh Yahoo mail on my computer?

Move your mouse over “Inbox” located at the top of the left column. A curved arrow icon will appear next to “Inbox.” Then, click the Refresh icon, which is the curved arrow icon.

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