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How to Set up IP Cameras to Send Email Alerts?

Security camera email alerts help users to be updated with all motion detection events in real-time. But configuring IP camera email settings on Gmail, Yahoo or any other email service provider can be quite a difficult task for some of you. It requires a lot of time to configure proper IP camera email settings and to get all email alerts.

setup ip camera to send email

Quick Guide to Set up IP Cameras to Send Emails

So, if you want to know how can you configure the IP camera email settings on Gmail, Yahoo or any other email service provider? If you are a non-techy guy, then it is hard to set up email alerts on security cameras. Follow the steps given below for setting up an IP camera to send an email:

Step 1: First of all, set up the Gmail settings and allow a third-party Application use on the Gmail SMTP server.

  • For this, log in to your Gmail account and click the “Account” button.
  • Then, under the “Sign-in & security” menu, click on the “Apps with account access” button.
  • Scroll down the page till you find the “Allow less secure apps: OFF/ON” option. If it is off, then turn it on before moving further.

Step 2: Launch the Reolink security camera client on your system, then click on the “Device Settings” button and tap the “Network Advanced”.

Step 3: Click on the “Setup” option under the “E-mail” section to open the menu of IP camera email settings.

Step 4: Enter all the necessary details asked on the page of email settings for IP cameras. Some of the details that you have to enter are:

  • SMTP Server/ SMTP Port: Enter Gmail server and 465 as your default SMTP server and port for the sender address, respectively. You can also change it accordingly depending on the email service provider you use. You can even leave the IP camera SMTP settings as by default.
  • Sender Address: Here, you need to enter your email address to send motion-triggered emails.
  • Password: Enter the password of your email address from which you have to send mail.
  • Recipient Address: The email address where you want to send security camera email alerts. The recipient address can be the same as that of the sender address.
  • Attachment: You can choose any pictures or videos along with the security camera email push notifications using this option. It must be noted that the battery-powered security cameras only support picture attachments.
  • Email Interval: It is the time gap between two consecutive security camera email alerts.

Step 5: Now, you need to set up the “Email Schedule” as per your requirements. Don’t forget to check the “Enable” box and choose the “Normal” mode or “Motion” mode (used to send emails when motion is detected). Click on the “OK” button after setting up the IP camera to send email.

Step 6: At last, click on the “Email Test” button to check if your IP camera email settings are properly working on your Gmail account.

If you have still any questions about how to set up IP cameras to send email alerts, or configuring your IP camera email test and other IP camera-related tips, you can refer to the various online guide.

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